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Immersive South Korean Art Museum to Open in Dubai Mall

Immersive South Korean Art Museum to Open in Dubai Mall

Step into a realm where nature meets technology, as Arte Museum Dubai announces its grand arrival on level two of the prestigious Dubai Mall. Created by the same design company behind a breathtaking wave installation that took South Korea by storm in 2020 and later went on show in Abu Dhabi these Korean digital artists will now celebrate the theme of nature in through immersive exhibitions in Dubai’s mega-mall.

Titled 'Eternal Nature,' the exhibition at Arte Museum Dubai marvels at nature's eternal vitality through the lens of media art and digital technology. An intriguing teaser video on the museum's Instagram page hints at the awe-inspiring experience that awaits visitors.

Supporters of World Art Dubai will know that art and art creators from South Korea were celebrated at the event’s 2023 as the ‘country of honour.’

A feature of the show that has been designed to celebrate the art and culture of a different country, WAD Around the World saw WAD partner with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai to showcase an amazing programme of K-culture that included 100 artists displaying diverse artworks, an array of live and traditional performances and modern trends from the Korean culture.

South Korea was chosen to be highlighted at WAD this year due in part to its thriving modern art scene - a vibrant and dynamic landscape that reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and contemporary creativity.

Around the world, Korean artists are gaining international recognition for their innovative use of digital media and technology pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic expressions, while the country’s music and dramas are at the forefront of contemporary culture.

We look forward to seeing this cultural wave making a splash in Dubai!

Dineamation and Digital Wonders

Jungle, by d’strict, in Hong Kong

Presented by d'strict, whose name is a portmanteau of ‘design’ and ‘strictly,’ 'Eternal Nature' holds the promise of an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature's essence.

Though specifics about Arte Museum Dubai's interior remain veiled, taking cues from its South Korean counterpart suggests that visitors will be treated to a multi-sensory adventure across various themed rooms. In the original, art lovers journey from the serenity of the 'beach' to the vibrant blooms of the 'flower,' from the hypnotic 'wave' to the enigmatic 'wormhole,' as each room unveils a unique facet of the natural world.

The Arte Museum in South Korea also has an interactive food and drink experience, using dineamation

No word yet on whether this will also travel to Dubai, however.

'Eternal Nature' opens its doors later this year at Level Two, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai. More info:

Source: Time Out