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Curating The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Make no mistake, art is a conversation starter - in any space. Ergo, any man filling their bachelor pad or man cave with art is doing so to make a statement, either to themselves or their pack.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Dubai’s art scene has emerged into an inspiring landscape, providing novice collectors with abundant opportunities to purchase something which aligns with their tastes. Vitally, art does not require a huge investment in terms of money or time, merely careful planning and decision-making.

Step forward World Art Dubai – the Middle East’s largest affordable retail art fair – with more than 3,000 artworks from renowned galleries and solo artists from over 30 countries. For gentlemen thinking about adding some art to their space, there isn’t a better place to explore and invest. Here are six tips to remember:

First impressions are almost always the ones that count

“If you like it and you can afford it, just buy it.” Very sound advice from Alessandro Berni, the owner of galleries in New York and Perugia, Italy. While it sounds obvious, the majority of first-time buyers often second guess themselves when it comes to making a purchase decision. Your first impression on a piece of art is usually the lasting one, so if it stimulates an instant reaction that’s a good sign.

There is no such thing as male art and female art, it’s just art!

Yes, ok, there are pieces of art that are more feminine or masculine in their nature but selecting only masculine pieces for your bachelor pad is not a guaranteed route to joy. Typically, male buyers and collectors are drawn to art that includes cars, strong geometric shapes and bold colours. In fact, the very essence of a bachelor pad can be enhanced with softer and more fluid art. It’ll make the space stand out and provide a nice balance to a room, not to mention make you look less of a Neanderthal when entertaining.

Your personality should stand out, but not too loudly!

Bachelor pads are no longer identikit spaces with sport memorabilia across every spare wall. In today’s day and age, bachelor pads are evolved spaces of personal expression. This does not mean you need to go on a spiritual journey to find yourself through art. On the contrary, your space is a place you should feel proud of and be comfortable in, so art can act as a window for your own story and tastes. Look for art pieces that you can relate to and that create an emotional reaction. If you do, you’ll be at ease in your own space, be it your office or home.

Complement classic style with modern touches

Finding a balance between light and dark, or soft and hard, is as true in artwork as it is in furnishings. When selecting your piece, or pieces, consider how it will fit the space you are buying it for and don’t be afraid to hang opposing styles in the same space. Classical styles hanging alongside modern abstracts create a much greater conversation and generate discussion. Don’t be afraid to go against convention.

Dark doesn’t have to be oppressive

Dark walls and industrial textures can be dressed in art pieces that make them pop into life. It’s important to consider style and materials when adding a bright piece to a dark space. Look at whether the artwork is conventional or abstract, delicate or hard, and see what works for you.

Knowledge is power

The most important advice I can give, and one I follow myself, is to speak to the experts. Professional art curators and gallery owners have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Tap into it and use it. Art professionals can advise exactly where you should be looking to expand your horizons and help you make a decision that you’ll never regret.

This year’s World Art Dubai will host more than 150 global exhibitors and a series of expert talks. It’s the perfect place to tap into a wider community and start building that art collection for your home or office.