Don't label me

Purva Grover - women interpreted through diverse forms of art | Stand : Z18 A

"I don’t have an extraordinary life. I run my errands, do my job, cook and eat meals, have my evening coffee, meet my friends, make the bed… put on the alarm and then wake up the next morning and follow the same routine. I am not extra-ordinary for I can’t take the security, intelligence, ministers or authorities to task. But I have a voice and I want it to be heard. But is anyone really concerned about what the ‘ordinary’ think? Or are they just ‘using’ my label, my name, my existence for meeting their extraordinary goals?"

Art Style: Calligraphy

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-40, Width-40, Depth-2

Price Range: $101 - $1000

Colour: Black

Price: USD 127 / AED 466.09