SHE: Among the many things I don't understand, most are feminine

Purva Grover - women interpreted through diverse forms of art | Stand : Z18 A

Purva Grover is an author and journalist. Her third title, She (2021); is currently making waves for its honest, relatable and fun approach on the topic of womanhood. Being a woman is like running on a treadmill, you don’t “quite” get anywhere. You pick up each day from where you left the previous day. In these pages, we celebrate waxing woes and bad hair days, we tick the boxes and break the rules, and we apologise for getting old and feel guilty when promoted at work. We speak of unwanted advice, as we offer some too. We sigh, smile and scorn. We observe, absorb, judge and compare. We own our space. The subjects of the book are women I know. It’s not a case of pure coincidence but pure intention. No research has gone into the book unless you consider banter over drinks, on long-distance phone calls or by water coolers, so.

Art Style: Other

Size and orientation: Small

Dimensions: Height-6, Width-9, Depth-4

Price Range: $10 - $100

Colour: White

Price: USD 20 / AED 73.4