It was the year 2020: A fragmentary novel

Purva Grover - women interpreted through diverse forms of art | Stand : Z18 A

There’s a word for every emotion, occasion, and situation. What then is the word for 2020? We know not. 'It was the year 2020' by Purva Grover is a tale in search of that word. Made up of fragments its elements can be read in isolation or absorbed in entirety. The tale lacks a traditional plot, and its characters remain nameless, all victims of a crisis. Set in real-time, it dares to speak of the pandemic, waiting to take over our lives, or whatever little is left of it.

Art Style: Other

Size and orientation: Small

Dimensions: Height-6, Width-9, Depth-2

Price Range: $10 - $100

Colour: White

Price: USD 10 / AED 36.7