Grace and Wisdom

Zefa Ali | Stand : Z 44

White swan symbolism is related to light, grace, beauty, love, and purity, loyalty, and trust. They teach you to love your inner self, embrace all your flaws, and be loyal and faithful to the ones you love. It symbolizes partnership, a soulmate. The swan has always played a major role in Greek mythology, it serves as a symbol of beauty, love, and grace. The bird's beauty and whiteness symbolize Aphrodite's grace and allure making it sacred to the goddess of love and beauty. This bird is also very intelligent, devoted to its mate, and highly aggressive about defending its young. Swans were considered to be birds of good fortune. Also, Swans are considered as a symbol of wisdom in the Buddhism.

Art Style: Figurative

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-190, Width-121, Depth-2

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: White

Price: USD 1100 / AED 4037