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Zefa Ali | Stand : Z 44

Description: The sins hiding in the face of a snake are trying to template man and woman with different sins. But they are not temptate with sins, with money, crown. They do not pay attention to destructions from outside. They look forward to continuing their lives in love and prosperity as time is flies on from centuries till nowadays. There are few such pure people who do not get temptated by different kind of sins. Pyramids illustrated as ancient time which consist of history, mystery, wealth and power of Pharaoh to serve as burial chambers for their royalty. Burial ceremony in Egypt that period was custom for "life" after death. It is a mystery the real age of the Great Pyramid even though.

Art Style: Contemporary

Size and orientation: Large

Dimensions: Height-180, Width-150, Depth-3

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: Green

Price: USD 2000 / AED 7340