Sonu Sultania : Once Upon A Time

MORROW Collective | Stand : D01

Sonu Sultania is an award-winning contemporary artist who specialises in colourful ink paintings. Sonu is a visual storyteller and most of her work revolves around a tale, a moment, a dream or a journey. Having lived in several countries, the artist uses travelling as a great opportunity to explore and delve into many different cultural influences. Sonu also gets her inspiration from her photography and various philosophies which focus on nature, love & community development. Well collected and exhibited, Sonu also received a cultural visa from the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority for her contribution in the fields of art and photography. Once Upon A Time This piece is a meditative reflection on a fairy tale where two figures dance in a swirl of colour and movement.

Art Style: Other

Size and orientation: Other

Dimensions: Height-0, Width-0, Depth-0

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: Other

Price: USD 2854 / AED 10474.18