Clare Napper : In The Name Of Connection

MORROW Collective | Stand : D01

This poster is the first of Clare Napper’s new works about big tech and society. Inspired by the famous 1931 Soviet propaganda poster ‘We are building a fleet of airships in the name of Lenin’; the artist wanted to recreate the scene in the context of modern-day unregulated American tech giants. Facebook: once the inspiring symbol of America’s unparalleled, invincible liberalism, now must be understood as the vicious capitalist profiteering weapon used to steal information and manipulate the minds of innocent civilians. Mark Zuckerberg has become the world’s largest dictator. He may not have armored vehicles, nuclear missiles and a military on the ground, but he does control the minds of more than a third of the world’s population. He can control their secrets, manipulate their moods and, in many cases, determine their fate.

Art Style: Other

Size and orientation: Other

Dimensions: Height-0, Width-0, Depth-0

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: Other

Price: USD 2016 / AED 7398.72