Odd Mansion

Japan Promotion | Stand : C 01, C 04, E 01, E 08, G 05 and G 06

KOUHEI FUKUSHIMA : Under the influence of his grandmother, Fukushima began drawing at an early age. At the age of 18, he discovered BMX, leading him to become a professional BMX rider and devoting himself to street culture. He was exposed to street art, and many ideas began to form in his mind. With a background of seven years of studying architecture, he crossed the boundaries of genres and cultures and absorbed all kinds of art to refine his own expression. With the motto of "challenging what anyone can do but no one else is doing," he is creating a new self every day. He exhibited at WEGO 25th anniversary - YONE'S ART PARTY in 2019, and exhibited at Shibuya Art Festival and at Fossil - special KENDAMA in 2020.

Art Style: Acrylic painting

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-145.5, Width-112, Depth-6.3

Price Range: $5001 - $10000

Colour: Blue

Price: USD 6260 / AED 22974.2