Organic Boundaries

Japan Promotion | Stand : C 01, C 04, E 01, E 08, G 05 and G 06

KAZZ MORISHITA is an artist who expresses scenes of nature captured with his camera, depicting the world as seen through his mind’s eye. Born in Aichi, Japan in 1951. After working as an exposition planner with a sharp point of view and imagination, he chose the path of expression as if he was encouraged by someone unseen. He tries to create works that evoke the tenderness of the heart. His exhibitions include the International Biennial of Graphic Digital Arts Gdynia (2012), ARTE LAGUNA Photographic Art Department (2013), held a solo exhibition at Lebenson Gallery in Paris, France (2017), exhibited at Art Miami CONTEX in Miami, USA (2018), and held a solo exhibition at BUNKAMURA in Tokyo, Japan (2018).

Art Style: Mixed media

Size and orientation: Square

Dimensions: Height-50, Width-50, Depth-3.5

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: Red

Price: USD 4910 / AED 18019.7