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HIROKO SUEHIRO is a sho (calligraphy) artist. She has been practicing traditional calligraphy for more than 50 years since she was about 12 years old. After being selected as the 16th Miss Yokohama, she became aware of the need to communicate and established her own unique form of expression, “sho (calligraphy) art” that could be understood worldwide. Since Chinese characters are difficult for those in the West to understand, she expresses them as images. In her series of works on the theme of "dance," she has used her experience in ballet to depict a body full of joy. She has also exhibited her works in Monaco, New York, and France among other places to make sumi ink characters more widely known.

Art Style: Calligraphy

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-45, Width-50, Depth-3

Price Range: $1001 - $5000

Colour: Black

Price: USD 3434 / AED 12602.78