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SEPPO TAMURA: Seppo Tamura is a calligrapher, a calligrapher for naming ceremonies, and an artist. She has been involved in calligraphy since she was in the first grade and then went on to major in calligraphy at university. She has a teaching license from the Japan Educational Calligraphy Association. She continues to pursue the " “aesthetics of subtraction” with the themes of black and white, life and death. She performed live calligraphy writing for the event "3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Donation Project" at the Morioka Machiya-Story Museum in her hometown, Morioka City, Iwate prefecture. She has been challenging to fuse contemporary art and calligraphy, producing avant-garde works. In 2021, she held a solo exhibition titled "Ten Years After the Stirring of a Fetus.”

Art Style: Calligraphy

Size and orientation: Small

Dimensions: Height-25, Width-25, Depth-2.5

Price Range: $101 - $1000

Colour: Black

Price: USD 491 / AED 1801.97