Dushi Morena

ALEX – Dushi Morena | Stand : GB04

Alex’s inspiration comes from his cultural background. For his first year officially painting and exhibiting his paintings, he has chosen the theme DUSHI MORENA, which means beautiful/sweet melanin women. Alex describes his paintings as raw creations of colour. He applies no specific technique but lets the painting pencil flow as it is supposed to. His paintings do give you a 2D impression as he paints straight lines in a curvy manner and the colour combination of each painting is unique. Colours which he grew up with and knows very well to combine them in a very appealing manner.

Art Style: Figurative

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-60, Width-72, Depth-1

Price Range: $101 - $1000

Colour: Other

Price: USD 800 / AED 2936