Moroccan Legends - N° 4 Rouicha

Younes laassouli | Stand : FA07

Mohamed Rouicha (Arabic: محمد رويشة; 1950 – 17 January 2012) was a renowned Moroccan folk singer, poet, composer, and musician. His nickname, “Rouicha”, which meant “mix something for us” in Tamazight, was given to him by his friends who would ask him to come up with and perform a new piece of music on the spot. He was a master of the “loutar” instrument and his songs often contained themes of love and life in Morocco. His most famous songs are Ya lehbiba, bini w'binek darou lehdouden and Inas inas.

Art Style: Impressionism

Size and orientation: Large

Dimensions: Height-120, Width-100, Depth-2

Price Range: $5001 - $10000

Colour: Orange

Price: USD 6700 / AED 24589