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The Beauty Within - Orange by Hind Khalil

Noora – the divine spark | Stand : PA09

Beauty lies in the eye of its beholder. Through my artwork I want to express the beauty in everything surrounding me using mixed media art. Mixed media express depth in forms and color; it gives the illusion that one object is closer to the eyes than the other, the variation in color scale, from light to dark forms a magical connection between the painting and what we see with our own eyes. " The beauty within " series is a three-piece artwork consisting of two butterfly paintings and an eye painting describing the difference between how an artist sees the beauty within his or her surroundings versus the rest of the world, how the artist sees the colors and the texture of things. The eye painting is a representation of how my own eyes sees things and as a butterfly is an example of beauty of what my eyes sees.

  • Art Style: Mixed media
  • Size and orientation: Medium
  • Dimensions: Height-80, Width-80, Depth-4
  • Price Range: AED 5001 - AED 10000
  • Colour: Green, Orange, Purple, Red
  • Price: AED 5700