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Mandala II

Lydia Moawad | Stand : MA10

The painting titled "Mandala" is a visually captivating and spiritually rich artwork that embodies the essence of the mandala as a symbol of balance, harmony, and interconnectedness. At its core, the artwork features a circular shape, which is characteristic of mandalas. This circular form is adorned with intricate layers of circular lines that radiate outward, culminating at the center dot of the composition. This central point represents a blooming seed, symbolizing the beginning of growth and transformation. The central theme of the artwork is the idea of spreading beautiful energy that resonates and expands, leading to greater abundance within oneself. The concentric circles and the gradual expansion of lines suggest a progression from inner reflection and growth to the outward expression of positive energy. Incorporating philosophical elements, the painting conveys the concept of karma, the belief that our actions and intentions have consequences that come back to us. It emphasizes the importance of spreading love and kindness genuinely, as these positive energies are reflected and returned in kind. The mandala serves as a visual representation of this interconnected cycle of energy. Overall, "Mandala" is a symbolic representation of the cyclical nature of life, energy, and karma. It encourages viewers to cultivate inner abundance through the genuine expression of love and kindness, recognizing that the energy we put into the world has a way of returning to us. It serves as a reminder of the profound impact our actions and intentions can have on our own well-being and the world around us.

  • Art Style: Contemporary
  • Size and orientation: Square
  • Dimensions: Height-60, Width-70, Depth-4
  • Price Range: AED 5001 - AED 10000
  • Colour: Beige, Blue, Bronze, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Peach, Yellow
  • Price: AED 10000