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Spring breeze

The Palette Art Training and Consultancy | Stand : PA04

In this enchanting oil painting, an Asian girl is depicted with captivating elegance. Her jet-black hair frames her delicate features as she gazes softly at the viewer with almond-shaped eyes. Dressed in a stunning blue gown, she radiates poise and grace against a backdrop of rich golden hues. Golden earrings adorn her ears, each featuring a delicate circle that catches the light and adds a subtle luminosity to the composition. The circular motif repeats throughout the painting, symbolizing unity and harmony. The golden background provides a luxurious setting, adding depth and warmth to the portrait. Its texture and subtle variations in tone enhance the overall atmosphere of the piece. Through skillful use of color and form, this oil painting captures the timeless beauty of the Asian girl while celebrating the harmonious interplay of elements, making it a captivating addition to any art collection.

  • Art Style: Oil painting
  • Size and orientation: Small
  • Dimensions: Height-60, Width-40, Depth-1
  • Price Range: AED 101 - AED 1000
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Green
  • Price: AED 800