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Japanese wave 1

The Palette Art Training and Consultancy | Stand : PA04

In this delicate watercolor painting, reminiscent of traditional Japanese artistry, a small yet enchanting scene unfolds with graceful elegance. Soft, translucent washes of color bring to life a serene landscape adorned with exquisite flowers, each petal delicately rendered with precision and care. The composition evokes a sense of tranquility and harmony, with the flowers arranged in a balanced and graceful manner, reflecting the principles of Japanese aesthetics. Cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and peonies may adorn the scene, each flower symbolizing beauty, purity, and renewal in Japanese culture. The use of watercolor lends a sense of fluidity and movement to the painting, as if the flowers sway gently in a breeze or float serenely upon calm waters. Subtle touches of ink may accentuate the details, adding depth and texture to the composition. Overall, this watercolor painting captures the timeless elegance and refined simplicity of Japanese artistic tradition, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and the tranquility of the moment.

  • Art Style: watercolour
  • Size and orientation: Small
  • Dimensions: Height-30, Width-20, Depth-1
  • Price Range: AED 101 - AED 1000
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Price: AED 350