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Japanese wave 3

The Palette Art Training and Consultancy | Stand : PA04

In this enchanting watercolor painting, a small yet captivating scene unfolds in the elegant style of traditional Japanese art. Delicate brushstrokes bring to life a serene landscape adorned with graceful flowers and a charming bird, each element meticulously rendered to evoke a sense of beauty and tranquility. Against a backdrop of softly blended washes, vibrant blossoms such as cherry blossoms, peonies, and camellias bloom with ethereal beauty, their petals gently swaying in an imaginary breeze. Nestled among the foliage, a colorful bird perches gracefully, its feathers depicted in vivid hues that complement the surrounding flora. The composition exudes a harmonious balance, with the flowers and bird arranged in a manner that reflects the principles of Japanese aesthetics. Subtle touches of ink may accentuate the details, adding depth and texture to the painting while maintaining an air of delicacy and refinement. Overall, this watercolor painting captures the timeless charm and serene elegance of Japanese art, inviting the viewer to be transported to a tranquil realm of natural beauty and peaceful contemplation.

  • Art Style: watercolour
  • Size and orientation: Small
  • Dimensions: Height-30, Width-20, Depth-1
  • Price Range: AED 101 - AED 1000
  • Colour: Beige, Blue
  • Price: AED 350