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Bouquet of Art Gallery | Stand : CB06 and CB07

Artist Dinesh Doshi "Purity" is a captivating painting that celebrates the essence of purity and Indian identity through a symbolic representation—the bindi of a woman. The canvas is adorned with vibrant colors that evoke the richness of Indian culture. The focal point of the artwork is the bindi, delicately placed on the woman's forehead. The bindi, a traditional and sacred symbol in Indian culture, takes center stage, serving as a visual metaphor for purity. Its circular form signifies wholeness and completeness, while the red hue symbolizes energy, passion, and the life force within. The meticulous detailing of the bindi reflects the intricate cultural nuances embedded in the symbolism. Surrounding the bindi, subtle elements may be incorporated to enhance the narrative. Perhaps there are hints of traditional patterns or motifs that further emphasize the cultural context. The woman herself may be portrayed with grace and poise, embodying the strength and resilience often associated with the women of India. Overall, "Purity" is a visual ode to the cultural significance of the bindi—a timeless emblem of purity and identity that transcends artistic boundaries.

  • Art Style: Abstract
  • Size and orientation: Large
  • Dimensions: Height-24, Width-48, Depth-2
  • Price Range: AED 5001 - AED 10000
  • Colour: Black, Brown, Gold, Red
  • Price: AED 7500