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Terror, Self-Portrait

Zeina Zaki | Stand : MA02

This painting is part of the series 'Catalyst'. The series expresses the concept of emotions and feelings as a catalyst to our actions. The series explores the representation of these human emotions through body language and facial expressions unique to them. Colour symbolism, composition and orientation play a big part of how the paintings are preceived and help express the emotions more clearly to the viewer. This particular portrait represents the extreme emotion of terror. The background is a gradient black that gets darker the further it is from the subject matter. Black is the colour of darkness, and darkness usually associates with fear. The composition is mainly focused on the right corner of the canvas, creating a large negative space around the subject matter to as a sort of void that hides the source of the terror.

  • Art Style: Portraits
  • Size and orientation: Square
  • Dimensions: Height-120cm, Width-120 cm, Depth-3.5
  • Price Range: AED 10001 - AED 20000
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Pink
  • Price: AED 15000