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Joy, Ganna

Zeina Zaki | Stand : MA02

This painting is part of the series 'Catalyst'. The series expresses the concept of emotions and feelings as a catalyst to our actions. The series explores the representation of these human emotions through body language and facial expressions unique to them. Colour symbolism, composition and orientation play a big part of how the paintings are preceived and help express the emotions more clearly to the viewer. This particular portrait represents the overwhelming emotion of joy. The background is a vibrant yellow hue that is often associated with emotions such as joy and happiness. The composition is centered in a way that makes the subject matter appear engulfed in the yellow hue surrounded by happiness.

  • Art Style: Portraits
  • Size and orientation: Horizontal
  • Dimensions: Height-90 cm, Width-120 cm, Depth-1.5 cm
  • Price Range: AED 10001 - AED 20000
  • Colour: Beige, Blue, Yellow
  • Price: AED 15000