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The Palette Art Training and Consultancy | Stand : PA04

In this captivating acrylic painting, modern elegance meets timeless beauty as delicate flowers intertwine with shimmering gold foil accents. The floral arrangement bursts forth with vibrant colors and graceful curves, each petal and leaf meticulously rendered with intricate detail. Against a backdrop of subtle hues, the flowers emerge as vibrant focal points, their natural beauty enhanced by the luxurious addition of gold foil embellishments. The reflective quality of the foil adds depth and dimension to the composition, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that captivates the viewer's gaze. This modern interpretation of floral art exudes sophistication and style, blending traditional subject matter with contemporary flair. With each brushstroke, the artist invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world where beauty knows no bounds, and the allure of nature is elevated to new heights through the lustrous sheen of gold.

  • Art Style: Mixed media
  • Size and orientation: Square
  • Dimensions: Height-40, Width-40, Depth-2
  • Price Range: AED 1001 - AED 5000
  • Colour: Gold, Pink, Purple, White
  • Price: AED 1500