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The Palette Art Training and Consultancy | Stand : PA04

This alla prima portrait of an old man is skillfully executed using a combination of oil and acrylic mediums on stretched canvas. Measuring 20cm by 16cm, the painting captures the essence of the subject with remarkable detail and authenticity. The bold brushstrokes and rich colors bring out the character and depth of the old man’s features, creating a captivating and expressive piece of art. This portrait would make a compelling addition to any art collection, evoking a sense of wisdom and life experience that resonates with viewers.

  • Art Style: Other
  • Size and orientation: Vertical
  • Dimensions: Height-25cm, Width-20cm, Depth-3cm
  • Price Range: AED 1001 - AED 5000
  • Colour: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
  • Price: AED 1750