Art Advisory


In collaboration with Art Curator Astrid Lesuisse and Interior Designer Filip Interiors, we offer a complimentary immersive art advisory service

Whether you’re looking to highlight an art acquisition in your living interiors or to enhance your existing collection, we are offering you the incredible opportunity to connect with two distinctive experts who will share their creative insights on how art can elevate your space in impactful ways.

Art Advisory

Enjoy a complimentary one-on-one consultation with Astrid Lesuisse and Filip Interiors, two experts with distinctive skill sets, who are here to engage with you through an interactive experience using Virtual Reality that will leave you with a lasting memory. Immerse yourself in curated spaces where art is an integral part of the narrative. Experience how art can add depth, meaning, and visual interest to a space, making it more interesting, more livable.

Art Curator, Astrid Lesuisse

French creative arts specialist, Astrid Lesuisse has been contributing to Dubai’s growing prominence as a leading cultural and arts hub since 2020. She has been working towards making art accessible through original and creative concepts.

Over time, Astrid has established herself as a reputable figure in the art scene, particularly for her work with a diverse range of innovative UAE-based artists who possess strong theoretical and aesthetic foundations.

Given her international background, she collaborates closely with other curators, collectors, designers, and architects to develop unique exhibition and collection concepts. Her curatorial approach is collaborative and multicultural, providing an ultra-personalized service.

Interior Designer, Filip Interiors

Romanian interior designer, Raluca Filip, created Filip Interiors, a brand that follows the highest quality standards, and works with perfectioned strategies for design and project development.

Filip Interiors is born from the belief that art, architecture, and design improve people's lives. Regardless of the scale of the project, her goal is to create a functional and practical environment, with particular attention to the aesthetics that has to reflect the soul of the protagonist, be it a person, family, or company.

By actively listening to the client talk about habits, personality, lifestyle, and goals, Raluca Filip determines the hidden needs inside a commission and designs accordingly. It’s only in this way that the space will truly serve its owners’ purpose and will become part of their heart and soul.