Exhibitor Name
Aleksandra de Pan


Stand: AA04

Aleksandra is in front of the canvas. She observes it, in her size and emptiness. She begins, without a well-defined idea, to paint, guided by her own affinity and sensitivity and always listening to her heart, gradually completing her opera.” - in this sequence there is one of the most characteristic acts of the artist Aleksandra de Pan, whose passion for art and painting was born from a very young age.

Aleksandra de Pan is a painter of Russian origin currently living in Italy (Florence) which, thanks to its landmark art, culture and nature contributed to further develop her artistic vein.  

Today she has received several recognitions from some of the sector leading critics and has showcased her works at a number of exhibitions, both domestically as well as internationally.

From an educational perspective, although Aleksandra gained a degree in non-art subject, for 3 years she read at the Institute of Design in Moscow, where she gained the basic knowledge of academic painting.

In her style converge elements of surrealism and expressionism, whilst her approach to painting mirrors the "high Renaissance" instinct of following what is dictated by her senses.  The result is unique works, heirs of the twentieth-century tradition of conceptual painting, an art full of hidden meanings, which challenges the observer to investigate the unknown.

Mirror of her own personality, Aleksandra de Pan is constantly looking for stimuli that lead her to experiment new techniques and styles in her works.

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