Exhibitor Name
ALEX – Dushi Morena


Stand: GB04

Alex is a native of the beautiful island of Curacao and resides in Amsterdam.
Growing up, like most of us, he kept shifting his priorities.
Only one thing remained certain, he always was and stayed creative through many disciplines.

A few years ago, with his by than employer he had an unpleasant experience. This had such an impact on him that he considered suicide at some point.

Although he searched for help with psychologist and psychiatrist, he never got back, the peace he was looking for. During one of his last sessions with a health consultant, he was advised to do something from his childhood which made him happy. It didn’t need much thinking before he realized that this would be painting. And indeed, he slowly saw progress in his way of being and getting back the peace in his mind and soul, he so much was looking for.

“While painting I get disconnected from everything and everybody. I’m in a place that I can truly call my own and where no one is allowed”.

Painting has helped Alex to tell a story of HOPE. A message to all, that believing and not giving up on yourself, despite the situations you may be facing, is the best you can do!

Alex’s inspiration comes from his cultural background.
Dushi Morena means Sweet Melanin women in the language of Papiamentu.
Each Dushi Morena painting represents and honours the power of women through history and present. Coloured women as they always had to thrive more for their place in society. driven by their inner power, determination, and positiveness. 

The colours of all Dushi Morena's paintings reflect the diversity of each and every woman!

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