Exhibitor Name
Carmen Olteanu


Stand: LA01

I am Carmen Olteanu, painter, graduate of the University of Fine Arts Bucharest Painting Department, PhD in plastic and decorative arts. The purpose of my work and my plastic options come from everything that surrounds me, from the emotions and inner sensitivities that I try to reconfigure from an artistic point of view and pass them on as a kind of continuous present of HUMANITY.
The essence of my approach is to manage to choose from all the excitement of life, fragments capable of conveying profound messages, deeper and truer than the deceptive cover of reality. Mainly, in my works there are figures or portraits that are not the result of fictional paintings, but they touch fiction to the extent that the echoes evoked by the environment, psychic or naturalistic, real features of the characters want to highlight things not only unseen but invisible. I believe that an artist must give a content reshaped by his sensibility, by those "echoes" that awaken a concrete reality but reconfirmed by a certain belief in the essence of something much more precious than a banal outer shell.

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