Exhibitor Details

Roshva Kseniya

Russian Federation

Stand: PB09 Solo Artist

Kseniya Roshva — contemporary artist and graphic designer. She has a ten-year experience in different directions of art: she enjoys experimenting, so she has skills in a graphic design, creating paper and ceramics sculptures and painting watercolor still-lifes. Currently, she prefers oil painting, mixing different materials, for example, she uses mounting foam for abstractions. She exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) in 2023, as well as multiple times in the city of Orenburg from 2016 to 2022.

The main themes Kseniya works with are fantastical nature and music. The artist in her practice depicts some world’s unique, but invisible to the eye forms and states, transforming harmonious melodies into abstract images based on the sensory experience of listening to music. This is a response to the flow of emotions arising from music and permeating the body to the fingertips. The artist paints using oil paints and reinterprets the musical language by embodying it in visual art forms accessible to everyone.


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