Exhibitor Details

Rumak Art Gallery

Russian Federation

Stand: GB06 Gallery

Svetlana Rumak, Margarita Ivanova, Iamshell, Olga Vakhonina

Rumak Art Gallery was officially registered in Russia in 2021 as a non-profit cultural organisation by artist Svetlana Rumak, a professional painter with over 30 years of creative experience and activity in the international art space.

Svetlana Rumak is also the founder and leading expert of an international online art school created to improve the skills of professional artists. Initially, the gallery was created to support the strongest and brightest artists of the art school by providing them with additional opportunities for promotion.

However, as early as 2022, the gallery consciously expanded its mission and, since then, has endeavored to become an active platform for professional artists worldwide. Now, the gallery co-operates with artists from over 10 countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Turkey, the UK, Norway, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.

The gallery aims to discover new bright painters and present them on professional art platforms in different countries. The gallery endeavors to display the diversity and multifaceted nature of contemporary art by presenting high-level professional artists of different styles and trends.

The gallery passionately believes that contemporary artists can take a deep and unorthodox view of social trends and processes both in society and within the individual to feel and reveal to the viewer their ambiguity and multidimensionality. We believe that contemporary art is not a mirror that reflects reality but a kind of «transformational portal» where the artist reflects the reality around him through his unique vision and, in this way influences and enriches other people’s worldview.


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