Exhibitor Details

Bouquet of Art Gallery


Stand: CB06 and CB07 Gallery

Qureysh Basrai, Pratibha Khemchandani, Nipun Mohan, Sohnal V Saxena, Dinesh Doshi, Rony Kaula

The Bouquet of Art Gallery (BOA Gallery), where art finds its true essence and artists flourish as brands. As a dedicated art promoter firm, we specialize in the art world's triumvirate: Branding, Promotion, and Sales Policy. Our passion lies in elevating artists and their exceptional artworks to the forefront of the industry, connecting them with art enthusiasts and buyers who recognize the true value of investing in art. At BOA Gallery, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled services, empowering artists to transcend boundaries and participate in exclusive, premium art exhibitions on both national and international stages. With our expertise and commitment, we ensure that each artist's journey is adorned with success, turning their artistic endeavors into a timeless legacy.

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