Exhibitor Details

Mahajati Pte. Ltd.


Stand: OA02 and OA03 Gallery


Passionate about preserving the rich heritage of traditional wood-working craftsmanship, Mahajati is dedicated to creating exquisite and timeless art pieces inspired by Islamic Calligraphy. Our vision is to preserve this exquisite art in its most authentic form and continue crafting this heritage for generations to come. With a commitment to creating one-of-a-kind art pieces made by human hands, we specialize in handmade wood art, wall art decor, mabkhara, and gifts that reflect the mastery and artistry of our skilled craftsmen. Drawing inspiration from Islamic Calligraphy and Arabian Heritage, our creations encapsulate the beauty and spirituality of this revered art form. Our values center around creating exquisite and timeless state-of-the-art pieces that capture the essence of our heritage and Islamic artistic traditions. Additionally, we offer special B2B services for partners, including personalized product design and manufacturing, catering to their specific requirements. Join us in preserving the exquisite art of traditional wood-working craft and Islamic Calligraphy, and be a part of the legacy that lasts for generations to come.

mohdar@mahajati.com +62 81311203231 All in Package