Exhibitor Details

Paul Ygartua


Stand: EA02 Solo Artist

It has been an ongoing struggle for perfection - being able to break through mental and physical barriers, pushing the envelope, realizing and developing that vision until ultimately a style is born.  Then taking that style and working it until it cannot be developed further and only then moving on to adapt this to new ideas, taking you on a journey of versatility and determination to the next painting.  My concept of painting is the journey of struggle and determination for perfection in every aspect of my work - from design and composition to colour and form.  A journey that never ends.  Each style fits into a plan, like a road map to the future and sometimes the direction is not always forward, but like a continuous ebb and flow of juices which moves one, sometimes forwards and sometimes backwards but always towards a positive direction.  

It is a joy to spend your life creating, few people have this opportunity, so when you can live the lifestyle that you have chosen and you can make a living from your chosen profession, then you must not only be grateful but you must be committed.

It is important to devote your life to your chosen path, without dedication and continuous perseverance you will lose your direction. If you get distracted then you will never be satisfied until you return to your predestined life’s work.  The challenges in life can often be the most rewarding, giving one the sensation of victory, contributing to the need to seek out more opportunities that can only come from demanding more from oneself--taking on everything that comes your way. There must be a goal and the path to that goal is always inspirational, exciting, productive and enriching.

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