Exhibitor Name
Yousra Wahba
Stand: Z 23



Yousra Wahba is a visual artist born in Egypt and is currently living & working in Dubai. Her specialty is in fluid material producing exclusive artwork that tends to reflect the impression of evoke movement of artwork. 

Yousra uses liquid material like resin, ink & acrylic to produce vibrant, colorful & fluid artworks that is designed to both express & invoke emotion, influenced by the Ancient Egyptian art of Yousra’s homeland.


Yousra has transitioned to sculpture as a new line in her practice. She is testing the limits of her materials, pushing it in a unique way to develop an organic form.


Yousra has exhibited in Atelier Montez in Rome, Italy, and World Art Dubai several times as solo artist. She participated in DIFC Art Night, & recently, in International Contemporary Art Fair Art Shopping and Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France.


Yousra is currently endeavoring a new kind of artwork, making stunning resin sculpture, capturing the eye-catching splendor of a splashing liquid. Yousra will exhibit in the Art Connect Women exhibition in its 5th edition, as an ambassador towards her country Egypt. As well, exhibit in World Art Dubai 2022 & AlOwais Cultural Foundation hosting “Dialogue 2022” Exhibition.


yousrawahba@hotmail.com +971 527666891 United Arab Emirates All in Package