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Exhibitor Name:Cedric Dubbiosi Stand: O 05 Category:

“Flowing paint is both poetic and mesmerizing. It moves freely through the use of gravity, air, heat, and water - nature’s four elements. Manipulation of these elements offers limitless artistic possibilities, making each composition absolutely unique.”


My name is Cedric Dubbiosi, born in 1985 in France. I am a contemporary artist specialized in fluid art.

Art is universal. It has been travelling through time and space, with the incredible power to connect strangers. It transcends language and cultural barriers with the ability to speak to us all in its own way.
It is in its own sense, a universal language with limitless expressive possibilities.

My art expresses:

- A vision of a world without borders.

- The beauty of nature.

- The power of human connection.

- Human emotion portrayed through colour intensity, vibrancy and harmony.


I am residing in Dubai since 2014. This city has been a constant source of inspiration and I try to capture its harmony and beauty on canvas.

The depth of multiculturalism and modernity makes Dubai a place like no other. Thought painting, I try to re-transcribe optimism, positive energy and harmony spread by this city.


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