Exhibitor Name
Stand: D09

Emilie at a glimpse.

Seasoned filmmaker and producer, Emilie holds a degree in communication arts. Recognized in her field, she founded HOP a Photo & Video company - based in the UAE.

At 6 years old, Emilie self taught, revealed her talent for painting.Her main interest for oil didn’t hold her from exploring other variety and techniques. Art became part of her life, a form of expression, in a fluid and vivid way.

 Having been immersed into this field for decades, Emilie developed an intrinsic eye for detail. The perfection of graphic shapes reflects the discipline she puts into her work.

“Painting is a form of therapy that puts me in touch with my deep emotions, sharing a glimpse of how I perceive the world around me.”

Turning her art into NFT became a natural evolution, bridging her passion for painting and her line of business.

The dots or “circles" technique she uses, whilst being abstract, are symbolic of unity & infinity, they hold and contain energy representing a supernatural drive that keeps things in permanent motion; new beginnings, a new cycle of life, a positive energy to the environment they are in."


Emiliehaddad@gmail.com +971504652622 United Arab Emirates Digital Screen