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World Art Dubai returns for its landmark 10th edition from 2-5 May 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre with more than 4,000 artworks from 300+ renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 60+ countries. It’s set to be a bustling, thriving space of inspiration and a marketplace engaging collectors, investors, and art enthusiasts of all ages. Inspired thinking will also be encouraged through a busy schedule of live art performances, workshops, and talks at the four-day fair.

Discover the exciting highlights from the 9th edition.


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World Art Dubai

Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

Artists are increasingly creating pieces that fuse art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, collage and more to break style boundaries through experimentation and innovation.

World Art Dubai

Advice From 10 Female Artists On How To Make It In The Art World

When it comes to your art world career who better to take advice from than an artist?

World Art Dubai

Curating Art Apparel At World Art Dubai

According to a recent study, the vast majority of people wear 20 per cent of their clothes 80 per cent of the time.

World Art Dubai

Tapping Into Art Trends For 2020

World Art Dubai 2020 artists Kristel Bechara, Aditi Patwari and Mahnaz Karimi discuss how this year’s fair will reflect wider trends in the global art scene.

WAD Artists & Galleries

Explore the dynamic world of the WAD Artists & Galleries, where over 300 talented artists and galleries unite to present a diverse and vibrant range of artistic expressions and boundless creativity.

See The Art

Street Art & Culture Celebration - Urban Art DXB

From live graffiti to dance battles, skateboard customization, fashion graffiti battle and live makeup art, to DJ and more

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Artists of The Week

  • World Art Dubai

    Art HugoFlag

    Meet Hugo de Jesus, the extraordinary artist behind Art Hugo! Hugo's journey led him from studying art to mastering large format techniques, with a unique specialization in customizing XXL Playmobil. Dive into Hugo's world of pop-inspired creations at World Art Dubai – a colorful and vibrant oasis of childhood memories and cultural icons. Don't miss his stand, a one-of-a-kind burst of life and colors!

  • World Art Dubai

    Follow MedFlag

    Ahmed Bouzeraa who is known as "Follow med,” embarked on a profound artistic journey that combines emotions, spirituality, and symbols. Self-taught and deeply inspired by the Divine, he discovered his passion while writing in the sands of Jijel. His work is a reflection of the deep subtleties of the celestial universe and the essence of life. Witness the birth of a new artistic style and explore the universal dimension conveyed by Follow med’s creations. 

  • World Art Dubai

    Savya JainFlag

    Dive into the world of color, emotion, and fearless expression with Savya Jain! Discover her journey from one-year-old painter to a passionate artist based in New Delhi, India.             

    Her unique blend of fluid, vibrant, and energetic strokes captures the essence of nature and personal experiences. Explore her stand at World Art Dubai for a space filled with everyday dilemmas, heartfelt gratitude towards nature, and fearless boldness.

  • World Art Dubai

    Ivan SabrutovFlag

    Discover the captivating world of modern and symbolic art with Bulgarian artist Ivan Sabrutov! His artistic journey began in his childhood, and his passion for painting has led to a unique perspective on life. His art is a reflection of unity, harmony, and strength. Ivan's art style is modern, symbolic, and unique, offering a glimpse into his world of creative fantasy. Join us and explore his mesmerizing art!

  • World Art Dubai

    Ruba Abu-ShoushehFlag

    Introducing our artist of the week from Jordan, Ruba Abu-Shousheh.             
    Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of her unique artistic style.             
    Dive into the mesmerizing blue hues of Ruba’s artwork where the dancing horizontal lines unveil the hidden secrets of a world beyond the sea and within the sky.

  • World Art Dubai

    Laurent PichereauFlag

    Discover the allure of French artist unique style – a fusion of past and present inspired by the 18th and 19th century, captured on black canvas.
    He uses a range of gray and white pencils to create stunning contrast and depth. His unique approach is reversed compared to traditional methods, emphasizing light to achieve shadows and perspectives with the black background and his artistic red line signature.

  • World Art Dubai

    Younes LaassouliFlag

    Our Moroccan artist of the week Younes Laassoul who is a painter and digital artist who paint to capture the essence of the person or the character. He is bringing his "Moroccan Legends " collection to #WAD2023 which includes seven famous Moroccans who have had an impact in various professions portrayed in oil paintings. From King Mohammed VI of Morocco, folk singer Mohamed Rouicha, painter Chaibia Talal and many more represented in the collection.

  • World Art Dubai

    Hawjen SalihiFlag

    Experience the world through the eyes of Hawjen Salihi, a Kurdish artist based in Germany. Her unique watercolor creations on rare silk paper tell a story of resilience and creativity.
    Each brushstroke bridges cultures and languages, reflecting a shared humanity beyond boundaries. As an immigrant, Hawjen infuses her art with her journey, celebrating differences and embracing change. Discover Hawjen Salihi's captivating artistry and explore a visual journey that transcends words.

  • World Art Dubai

    Lydia MoawadFlag

    Dive into a world of enchanting engravings and vibrant oil-colored artworks with our Lebanese artist Lydia Moawad. Her diverse and captivating creations are a testament to her boundless artistic exploration.
    From everyday life experiences to global travels, Lydia's art is a symphony of emotions and ideas, transforming the chaos of the world into pure beauty on canvas. Her art brings peace, joy and rewinds us to a positive vibration, fostering prosperity and a sense of completion.

  • World Art Dubai

    Roudaina FardonFlag

    Discover the enchanting world of impressionist-style art from the heart of the Middle East with Roudaina Fardon.
    From her earliest childhood memories, a profound fascination with colors ignited her artistic passion. Her collections are a masterpiece of color contrast, offering unique perspectives that make you take a second look. While she draws inspiration from life's subjects, each piece maintains a profound connection to her own story.
    Explore her captivating acrylic art at World Art Dubai and immerse yourself in her world of emotions and stories.

  • World Art Dubai

    Tahereh SabzizadehFlag

    Meet Tara Sabz, our returned Dubai-based artist of the week specializing in the enchanting realms of watercolor and mixed media, where emotions are given life on the canvas.
    Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she crafts imaginative landscapes that breathe with the essence of daily life, childhood memories, and dreams. Tara's art is visual symphony that aims to ignite curiosity, kindle connections, and weave stories that resonate with all of us.

  • World Art Dubai

    Tres Ases Artist - AlmudenaFlag

    Meet our artist of the week Tres Ases, Almudena Angoso Alvarez, a talented artist whose journey of self-expression has taken her across continents and cultures. Her canvas speaks the language of humanity itself, exploring lives, cultures, and stories from around the world. Her mixed-media artistry, utilizing oil, acrylic, gesso textures, and collage, pushes the boundaries of realism, color, and texture to express the essence of our existence.

  • World Art Dubai

    Spherical Thoughts by AnilKumar AKFlag

    Meet AnilKumar (AK), our new artist with a remarkable journey - From engineering to business, and now to the vibrant world of art, his story is an inspiration. His diverse artworks include large, bold acrylics, watercolor miniatures, and intricate ink illustrations. What sets AK apart is his ability to capture the essence of life, movement, and events through bright and bold colors that radiate positivity and energy.

  • World Art Dubai

    Hend RashedFlag

    Celebrating the remarkable journey of our Emirati abstract artist of the week, Hend Rashed! She has been a vital part of the art scene, exhibiting her exceptional work both locally and internationally. With 7 consecutive years at World Art Dubai, Hend’s artistic prowess knows no bounds. Her art captures feelings, nature's beauty, and the human experience in a vibrant and captivating way. Her unique style, rich in color and emotion, continues to inspire and connect with art lovers worldwide.

Dont Just Take Our Word For It

  • “This is my third time visiting World Art Dubai. The diversity in artists and art styles make me come back to the show each year. I have bought art in previous editions and look forward to seeing what the curation has to offer this year.”

    Marina Spirito Russia

  • “This is my first time at the show, I never knew something like this existed in Dubai. I’m very excited to be here, I’ve already met some artists who I am looking forward to connecting to.”

    Alex Goodwin United Kingdom

  • “It was a fantastic event as always and I am delighted to have been able to attend the event in light of the recent worldwide pandemic. World Art Dubai is always one of my favourite Dubai events and I look forward to attending next year. Well done Dubai.”

    Emi Beredugo British

  • “This is my second time to World Art Dubai, and the energy this year has been great. Despite the challenges this year, it was impressive to see such a diverse collection of international artists present and be part of this event. Most importantly I felt safe as a visitor and the precautions taken by the organisers really helped.”

    Dean Foley British

Art Blog

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Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

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