World Art Dubai - The region's largest contemporary retail art fair ran under the theme ‘unplug yourself, hosted 4000+ artwork pieces from 300+ renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 50+ countries. WAD welcomed more than 10,000 art enthusiasts of all ages and encouraged inspired thinking through a non-stop schedule of live art performances, workshops, talks at the four-day art and lifestyle fair.


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Explore the dynamic world of the WAD Artists & Galleries, where over 300 talented artists and galleries unite to present a diverse and vibrant range of artistic expressions and boundless creativity.

Engaging, Exceptional,
Experiential-Things at WAD!

Street Art & Culture Celebration - Urban Art DXB

From live graffiti to dance battles, skateboard customization,
fashion graffiti battle and live makeup art, to DJ and more

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    Sanuj Birla


    Sanuj Birla is a self-taught Pop-Art virtuoso, his collection is a vibrant collage of pop art, realism, and surrealism, paying homage to the cartoon characters, superheroes, and famous movie icons that shaped his youth. From canvas oil paintings to mixed media art, acrylic masterpieces to sculptures, Sanuj's creativity knows no bounds.


    MINA (Mrs Wilhelmina Quaynor)

    United Kingdom

    The extraordinary MINA, Mrs. Wilhelmina Quaynor—an artist with a visionary spirit whose artistic journey spans decades. MINA's canvases are a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, intricate details, and a deep connection to nature. Her skillful play with light and shadows casts a magical spell on every piece. Immerse yourself in her artistry at WAD, and discover the enchantment she brings to the canvas.  


    Mikhail Danilyuk


    Embarking on an artistic journey shaped by childhood experiments and a creative family, Mikhail Danilyuk reveals his passion for figurative art with abstract and fantasy elements. Inspired by the ordinary turned extraordinary, his watercolor works mirror the magic of diverse influences—people, nature, and architecture.


    Art Hugo


    Meet Hugo de Jesus, the extraordinary artist behind Art Hugo! Hugo's journey led him from studying art to mastering large format techniques, with a unique specialization in customizing XXL Playmobil. Dive into Hugo's world of pop-inspired creations at World Art Dubai – a colorful and vibrant oasis of childhood memories and cultural icons. Don't miss his stand, a one-of-a-kind burst of life and colors!


    Follow Med


    Ahmed Bouzeraa who is known as "Follow med,” embarked on a profound artistic journey that combines emotions, spirituality, and symbols. Self-taught and deeply inspired by the Divine, he discovered his passion while writing in the sands of Jijel. His work is a reflection of the deep subtleties of the celestial universe and the essence of life. Witness the birth of a new artistic style and explore the universal dimension conveyed by Follow med’s creations. 

Dont Just Take Our Word For It

  • “This is my third time visiting World Art Dubai. The diversity in artists and art styles make me come back to the show each year. I have bought art in previous editions and look forward to seeing what the curation has to offer this year.”

    Marina Spirito Russia

  • “This is my first time at the show, I never knew something like this existed in Dubai. I’m very excited to be here, I’ve already met some artists who I am looking forward to connecting to.”

    Alex Goodwin United Kingdom

  • “It was a fantastic event as always and I am delighted to have been able to attend the event in light of the recent worldwide pandemic. World Art Dubai is always one of my favourite Dubai events and I look forward to attending next year. Well done Dubai.”

    Emi Beredugo British

  • “This is my second time to World Art Dubai, and the energy this year has been great. Despite the challenges this year, it was impressive to see such a diverse collection of international artists present and be part of this event. Most importantly I felt safe as a visitor and the precautions taken by the organisers really helped.”

    Dean Foley British