The hugely popular Emerging Artists Competition returned for its fourth edition.

In partnership with Rove Hotels, under the theme ‘Unplug Yourself’, in digital art form only.

Emerging Visual Artists Prize

The World Art Dubai Emerging Visual Artists Prize returns for its forth year in partnership with Rove Hotels under the theme "Unplug Yourself".

If you are an up-and-coming artist looking for an opportunity to exhibit your art, this is your chance. Shortlisted artworks will be displayed at the Rove Hotels’ Emerging Artist Prize area in World Art Dubai 2022.

Emerging Artist Prize

Open application for Digital Art under the theme “Unplug Yourself”.

Using the form below, artists can submit their artworks to the competition. Additional details below:

  • Accepted Media: Digital art: Images, illustrations, animations and 3D digital art.
  • Minimum artwork resolution: 1000×1000
  • Digital submission file. Accepted formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG and MP4.

The prize is open to artists from all over the world.

Final Shortlist

Dates: Shortlist will be announced by 10 March 2022

Exhibition at World Art Dubai

A maximum of 10 shortlisted artworks will be featured at Rove Hotels’ Emerging Artist Prize in World Art Dubai between 16-19 March.


Out of the 10 shortlisted pieces, two winners will be selected, a Grand Winner and a People’s Choice Winner.

  • Grand Prize: The grand winner, selected by the judges, will be awarded complimentary space to exhibit their artworks at World Art Dubai 2023.
  • People’s Choice Award: The winner of this category will have a chance to exhibit his/her work at one of Rove Hotels’ properties in Dubai for a period of 3 months, as well as a one-night stay for two people.

WAD 2021 Rove Emerging Artist Winner

Sara Alharbali


A Syrian Architect, Urban Designer, and founder of Tajrid Design, born and raised in Dubai, UAE, 1990. Her various interests in industrial art, material fabrication and passion for cities morphology and the impact of urbanity on civilizations were joint in her brand Tajrid. She is the first artist who introduced using the spectrogram concept as an expression of spiritual art for the recitation of the Quraan.

Sara's art collection is an abstract depiction of traditional Arabic calligraphy wallart of Qura’anic Verses. In this series, she revives this kind of spiritual art while reflecting an Arabic-Islamic character, culture and civilization, to export to the world an unconventional way of expressing the blessings in Holy words, Revelation. Sarah started her collection of art and designs inspired by her studies and analysis of urban society and urbanization. Each of her artworks tells a deep story and carries an inspiring message.