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The Local Art Scene Can Only Thrive With Wider Support

Dubai’s art scene is young, but it has the right energy to blossom. It is growing every day and, in comparison to the rest of the world

Amature or Expert: What Basic Art Piece Do You Need

Art is completely subjective and making a conscious decision to nurture your collection means you have to do your homework. If you’re armed with the right research,

Curating The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Dubai’s art scene has emerged into an inspiring landscape, providing novice collectors with abundant opportunities to purchase something which aligns with their tastes.

An artist proving you should never give up

Despite the tragedy, she picked up her tools, created new work and is ready to showcase her mixed media art at this year’s World Art Dubai.

Local Galleries In The Spotlight

The UAE art scene continues to mature and expand, with local galleries shining the spotlight on emerging talent

The local art scene can only thrive with wider support

Dubai’s burgeoning art scene has grown steadily over the past few years, driven by an emerging art scene and interest from professionals and novices alike to curate personalised spaces in their homes and businesses.

Portrait of a pandemic

Al Quoz-based Art Painting Lab houses as many as 2,020 works of art produced during the lockdown period by professional as well as non-professional artists,

Lifelike Portraits of Famous Historical Figures

Artist Bas Uterwijk uses artificial intelligence software to bring historical characters to life.

Famous Nurses In Art History

While we are all at home complaining about being unable to go to our favourite museums and galleries

Tapping Into Art Trends For 2020

World Art Dubai 2020 artists Kristel Bechara, Aditi Patwari and Mahnaz Karimi discuss how this year’s fair will reflect wider trends in the global art scene.

Advice From 10 Female Artists On How To Make It In The Art World

When it comes to your art world career who better to take advice from than an artist?

Art Books To Read In Quarantine

Staying home is the new going out, and it means we now have A LOT of spare time on our hands

Street Artists Reflect On The Current Pandemic

Street artists from around the world are creating topical, colourful and attention grabbing art depicting their take on the current crisis.

Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

Artists are increasingly creating pieces that fuse art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, collage and more to break style boundaries through experimentation and innovation.

Curating Art Apparel At World Art Dubai

According to a recent study, the vast majority of people wear 20 per cent of their clothes 80 per cent of the time.

The art of choosing your art

Art has become more affordable – portraits, photographs, sculptures and paintings can liven up a living space, but selecting carefully is key.