Urban Art DXB continue to draw an era for regional Street Art

Expanded dedicated area featuring live street art activation from graffiti, freestyle dances, vogue ballroom battle, music and more

Unplug Yourself at our Urban Art DXB

Open call for talents to take part in a range of live activation:

  • Street-style live graffiti and murals
  • Dance battles of break dance, free style, and Hip Hop
  • Vogue ballroom battles
  • Urban Creative Makeup battles

Join the tribe and submit your entry to be part of the activations

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Meet our Urban Art DXB curator Ahmad Al Rashid a creative director, event designer, art manager and a media commentator. He is the founder of Talk Curated Creatives for events and art management.



Ahmed Al Rashid

Urban Art DXB Artists





Poke Two


The BlackDevil


Rubab Zahra




Yasmine Mohammed