Curate your stand to highlight each artwork's beauty

Exhibition Guidelines & Best practices:

  • Only display approved art from WAD Curators. Remove unapproved pieces or risk exclusion from promotions.
  • Do not exceed 70% wall coverage. Leave open space between pieces.
  • Clearly label all works as required. No printed discounts.
  • Submit layout and catalog minimum 6 weeks before for Curators review. Onsite checks ensure standards compliance.
  • Present original art or limited editions as specified. Reproductions prohibited.
  • Leave 15-20cm between wall pieces. Remove cluttered or crowded displays.
  • Follow best practices for wall coverage, spacing and organized presentation.
  • Send final artworks well in advance for approval. We can help you install on site.
  • Most works should be priced below the price ceiling of $ 20,000 / AED 72,400 with 70% of the work displayed for sale below $ 10,000 (AED 36,200). 
  • Respect local cultural sensitivities at the show. 
  • Submit artworks dimensions at least 10 days before for verification.
  • Curators may request changes before the show to layout or number of pieces.
  • Replace sold pieces to avoid empty space.
  • Print an additional catalog of your mediums for buyer reference.

Note for 2024 confirmed exhibitors, if any rejected artwork is displayed in the show and not removed immediately at our request, the management has full rights to remove the Artist/ Gallery from the show’s communications campaign and not feature them platforms including but not limited to press releases, highlights videos, photography, social media, post-show report.

Permitted Artworks:

  • Original prints made by hand by the artist.
  • Prints with close artist involvement, edition size normally no larger than 150.
  • Original, Fine art photography, mass-produced photographs.

Prohibited Artworks:

  • Offset lithographs.
  • Giclees (unless its digital art).
  • Prints from commercial printing press using a  transparency of an original work.

Tag all Artworks and include:

Artist name

Artwork name

Medium used



Hits and Tips for artists by WAD Curators