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How to make your stand shine at WAD 2023


We will provide you with a stand space as per your booking and then it’s over to you. Please bring your own hanging-related tools and items to the event.

Here are some hints and tips as to how to present your booth to the best effect, to draw in the maximum number of buyers and admirers.

What to consider:

1. Think about the theme. Whether it’s colour, subject matter, or even a narrative, hanging your artwork in thematic groups will help you decide what goes where

2. Focus on the features. Choose the feature pieces you want to highlight and place them in the prime position.

3. Sort out straightening later. Hang it and the straight lines will come – we’ll focus on that later.

4. Options for fixing include d-rings and cords; straphangers (better for heavier frames); mirror plates (require a screwdriver); sawtooth (perfect for lighter frames); Velcro; split battens, and subframes.

5. Level it out. Once everything’s in place, the level is your best friend when it comes to hanging your artwork. Investing in an optical level will ensure your artwork is evenly spaced, though isn’t mandatory if your budget is limited.

6. Drive a sale. Create your own price cards indicating title, medium, and price (in AED). Hang them with the corresponding artwork and leave room for those red dots!

7. Consider contact details. Create a contact plate for your booth with your name and details of where people can reach you – WhatsApp, Instagram, a website etc. Add a QR contact code for easy communication.

8. Good luck!

What to avoid:

1. Stay original – don’t hang reproductions or copies

2. Less is more – maximum space for hanging shouldn’t exceed 70% of the total wall space or more than 20 centimetres between artworks

3. Respect the UAE’s local sensibilities and customs when choosing your subject matter. When in doubt, ask the organising team for a sense check. We’ll be happy to help.