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Introducing our new World Art Dubai Curator: Gottfried Eisenberger


Photo credit: Gottfried Eisenberger

We are excited to introduce you to World Art Dubai’s new expert art curator Gottfried Eisenberger from Austria.

While working in one of Europe’s largest urban and street art galleries, Bakerhouse Gallery, Gottfried founded in late 2018. His company has since developed several well-known and internationally used AI tools for art fairs and art exhibitions. This includes an image recognition for art and a web application with which visitors of art exhibitions can scan artworks and receive digital information about artworks and artist.

Through insights gained from working closely with artists, galleries and major art fairs around the world, Gottfried has developed an exceptional curatorial expertise. As curator of World Art Dubai and a member of the Florence Biennale advisory board, Gottfried brings profound knowledge and contribution to the international art scene.

What’s more, in May 2023 he also started a YouTube channel ‘The Art Fair Guy,’ where he captures his impressions from the many art fairs and art exhibitions he visits.

Joining the team

Gottfried Eisenberger joins Samar Kamel and Batool Jafri on our curation team for the landmark 10th Edition of World Art Dubai. Artist and art educator Batool has produced powerful and poignant work on the subject of the human mind and soul, while Samar is known for works that examine cultural attitudes towards women and aim to transform stereotypes through vibrant depictions of the modern woman.

See their curation journey at World Art Dubai from May 2-5, the Dubai World Trade Centre.