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Artistic Fusion: World Art Dubai Joins Forces with ARTMUC and INC Art Fairs


Photo credit: Isabella Kilian / ARTMUC + INC art

The world of art fairs has always been a vibrant tapestry of creativity, uniting artists, galleries, collectors, and enthusiasts under one roof. In a move signalling a new era of collaborative artistry, World Art Dubai, the largest art fair of its kind in the Middle East, has partnered with Germany's esteemed ARTMUC and INC art fairs for the 2024/25 season.

The ARTMUC international art fair, originating in 2014 and held biannually in Munich, has been a beacon for solo artists, galleries, and innovative art projects on a global scale. Its sibling event, the INC art fair, launched in Hamburg in 2021 and is slated to grace the picturesque setting of Lake Constance in 2024. Both fairs have a shared vision: embracing the evolving landscape of the art market and viewing art as an integral part of a broader creative ecosystem.

Distinguished by their hybrid approach, these fairs redefine traditional paradigms by not only showcasing galleries and artists but also providing platforms for diverse artistic expressions, from collectives to emerging talent. Beyond only selling art, they offer a space for inspiration, networking, and, above all, a celebration of exploration and entertainment.

With a cumulative attendance of over 110,000 visitors from the Munich and Hamburg art scenes, these events have proven that exceptional talent thrives beyond the confines of mainstream galleries and auction houses. Over 1,600 artists and 300 galleries and projects have collectively shaped the rich tapestry of these fairs over the past decade.

Intercontinental alliance

Photo credit: Isabella Kilian / ARTMUC + INC art

Looking ahead, the upcoming editions of ARTMUC and INC art fairs in 2024 are set to captivate audiences. ARTMUC Spring will unfold from April 12 to 14, followed by its autumn counterpart from October 25 to 27. Meanwhile, the INC art fair in Hamburg is scheduled for September 6 to 8, with the INC art fair Bodensee in Dornbirn, Austria, slated for November 15 to 17.

In a new development that marks its 10th anniversary, World Art Dubai joins hands with these respected German fairs to create an intercontinental alliance, fostering cultural exchange and mutual encouragement for artists, galleries, and art projects. The synergy cultivates a platform where innovation and creativity transcend geographical boundaries.

As the countdown begins for the joint showcase from May 2 to 5, 2024, embracing diversity and honouring exceptional talent becomes the central motif that binds these global art fairs.

For artists and galleries worldwide, the ARTMUC and INC art fairs, along with World Art Dubai, stand as gateways to a shared platform, promising a tapestry of creativity, innovation, and cross-cultural dialogue.

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