Shining Soul

Japan Promotion | Stand : C 01, C 04, E 01, E 08, G 05 and G 06

SHIN-EMON: He is from Ehime Prefecture, Japan. He began painting when he visited Oyamazumi Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in the prefecture, where he had an encounter with spirits through the 2,600-year-old sacred tree. He uses natural materials such as handmade washi (traditional Japanese paper), natural mineral pigments, crystal, and wood, as well as artificial materials such as acrylic paint, in order to bring the energy and resonance of his works closer to that found in the natural world. In today's world, where people are busy working and do not have time to experience nature so close by, he continues to present works on the theme of unity and harmony with nature. In 2017, he participated in a group exhibition at Jadite Galleries in New York, USA, and in 2018, he exhibited at The Hive Art Gallery and Studios in Los Angeles.

Art Style: Mixed media

Size and orientation: Square

Dimensions: Height-25, Width-25, Depth-2

Price Range: $101 - $1000

Colour: Purple

Price: USD 490 / AED 1798.3