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Gallery in the Spotlight - Multi Art Gallery Monaco

Every year, World Art Dubai (WAD) unites 300+ galleries and artists from more than 50 countries, from emerging artists to established talent. We’re delighted to introduce some of the trailblazing creatives who are taking part in the show’s ninth edition, from 9 to 12 March 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Multi Art Gallery Monaco, an online contemporary art gallery that represents contemporary artists from all nationalities, will showcase the work of eight incredible painters and sculptors from around the globe at this year’s event.  

The forward-thinking art gallery in the city-state supports artists and collectors in exceptional places and its sister company, Multi Art Events, creates meetings and events for artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and other visual artists, acting as a platform to display the diversity of the art world’s most striking trends.

We spoke to Wendy Lauwers, Founder and Director of the gallery and of Multi Art Events, to find out more about what you can expect from her exhibit at WAD.

what inspires you?

The thought of giving all types of artists a platform to showcase their work to people all around the world. I launched Multi Art Gallery Monaco to rethink the concept of the traditional art gallery and to provide support to artists and events in exceptional places

The gallery represents contemporary artists from all nationalities, each representative of a strong current in their own artistic discipline.

What does your
Gallery represent?

The beauty of uniting both established and promising emerging talent in the form of artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and other visual artists, which is what I get the chance to do through Multi Art Events.

What jobs have you done other
than being a gallery director?

I first studied psychology, before becoming passionate about art. My love of art is rooted in its ability to boost the exchange of ideas and its vectorial power in the evolution of societal thought. I also have a background in PR which has helped me develop my online gallery and Multi Art Events which are both dedicated to uniting artists of all kinds.

What’s one thing
we should know about you?

I have grown Multi Art Events to become an artistic platform that is recognized today for the quality of its own events and for its collaborations with certain large-scale international events. After having conquered the French Riviera, Multi Art Events is now in full development to impose its label in Europe and around the world. Most recently, Multi Art Gallery Monaco and its artists provided a selection of work to the charity auction organised by The Women World Leaders Monaco and the proceeds were donated to the Saving the Hearts of Women Foundation. The event took place at the Monaco Yacht Club under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and in the presence of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Honorary President of the Women World Leaders Monaco.

What can we expect
from your stand at WAD?

Multi Art Gallery Monaco will be exhibiting a diverse mix of paintings and sculptors from eight artists that highlight artistic creation of all forms.

Artists presented by Multi Art Gallery Monaco at WAD 2023

Emmanuel Oger, Sculptor (France)

French self-taught sculptor, Emmanuel Oger will present three sculptures and is driven by his humanist convictions and his search for meaning. In his work, he combines porcelain with body paint to symbolize modernity born out of tradition and projects his artistic inspirations on a white canvas with more than evocative curves.

Stephan Janssens, Painter (Belgium)

A creative spirit who experiments with light and painting to create his organic and semi-abstract works, Stephan Janssens will present two paintings at WAD.

Jean Dolande, Painter (France)

First, an actor and now a painter, Jean Dolande transports his emotions onto the canvas with the hope the viewer can recreate his emotional paths through his artwork. Dolande's paintings are paths of emotional vibrations and he will exhibit two of his paintings at WAD.

Oxana Kroll, Painter (Germany /Russia)

Oxana Kroll, known as 'XeniaK.Art', is a German artist who produces contemporary abstract paintings in the style of Art Deco and Pop Art. She will present three of her paintings at WAD and her artwork features a new media mix technique that includes epoxy resin combined with various mediums such as ink, fluid acrylic, modelling clay, gold leaf, stones, crystals and collages.

Ivana Protic, Painter, (Serbia)

Ivana Protic was born in 1978 in Belgrade and studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in her hometown. Her work has been exhibited across Europe and Eastern Europe, including Podgorica, Cacak, Prague, Belgrade, Cologne, Rome, and Monaco and she’ll be bringing two artworks with her to World Art Dubai.

Nathalie M Le Rouge, Painter (France)

Self-taught eccentric painter, Nathalie MN, known as ‘La Rouge’, reflects her extroverted, sparkling temperament and love of life in her artwork and is inspired by lively and luminous colours. She will exhibit three of her flamboyant paintings at WAD.

Dorian van Horenbeeck, Sculptor (Belgium)

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck is a Belgian-Luxembourg designer sculptor who creates sculptures that are a mixture of classical art, robotics and a personal technique for a Pop-ART result.

Beli Art, Sculptor (Monaco)

Belinda Bussotti, also known as Beli, is a drawer, painter and sculptor of Florentine and Celtic origins. In 2012, she discovered her passion as a sculptor with Matéo Mornar and the work she will present at WAD reflects the sensitivity and multiple facets of the human body.

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