Robotic Art / Video & Time-lapse Photography / AI_NORN ( Robot) | Stand : FE 06

This painting is from our collection “The hero of the modern age”. This series of paintings is dedicated to people who have had a significant impact on our modern life. They have influenced the worldview and the value-system of ours. This artwork is made of 9 separate paintings. Keanu Reeves is very inspiring. He’s Neo. He’s John Wick. He’s Johnny Utah. His career has undergone a lot of remarkable shifts. Reeves supports several charities and causes and founded a private cancer foundation. The path of Neo in the Matrix is a symbolic expression of the path of a true spiritual seeker. Throughout the three parts of the film series, Neo experiences awakening, growth, struggle, detachment and eventually liberation. This artwork is made from 9 separate paintings.

Art Style: Mixed media

Size and orientation: Large

Dimensions: Height-180, Width-180, Depth-2

Price Range: $10001 - $20000

Colour: Green

Price: USD 19000 / AED 69730