The Waltz, 2022

Natalia Oginskaya | Stand : W14

This mosaic artwork is a homage to Felix Vallotton’s work (1893). The variety of different type of smalti (matt, lustre, gold) as well as the technique which I used for this artwork - the mixture of the tesseraes and how they are connected by their angles– helped me to display the colours gradually and highlight the dancing effect. The golden smalti served to show the golden dust, raising by the dress edging. The glaze smoothly follows the dancing couples from one colour spot to another without any obstacles. With another work of mine, ‘The Ballet’ forms the artwork series - ‘Dream of Dancing’ Exhibited as a part of the group exhibition “Mosaic interpretation of Modernity” at Arts Square Gallery, Saint Petersburg, 2022.

Art Style: Other

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-59, Width-48, Depth-3

Price Range: $5001 - $10000

Colour: Other

Price: USD 9500 / AED 34865