Petra Kaltenbach | Stand : Z17

THE UNITY OF US 2022, Dubai, UAE, 150 x 85 cm, Acrylic and UV-print on canvas When 2 parties build a relationship and pursue a common goal, a pattern, a web of relationships emerges and over time a transformation from ME to WE results. In the best case a unity emerges. This unity is one of the great values/ideals of Sheik Zayed -the ‘father’ of the UAE, but also of Germany. Germany celebrates German Unity Day to commemorate German reunification in 1990. Both countries live the unification, the German missions in the UAE even dedicate this year’s German Unity Day to the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the UAE. This artwork shows on the one hand the wonderful ongoing movement that keeps a relationship alive and on the other hand the balance that a good relationship has among equal partners - represented by an aesthetic mesh with overlying ME-WE rotations. The ME and the WE are not so different...and yet one must rotate on its axis before making the step from ME to WE. This is a symbol of the tireless efforts partners make to live a harmonious relationship. VIEW THE RELATED ART-VIDEO:

Art Style: Abstract

Size and orientation: Large

Dimensions: Height-85, Width-150, Depth-2

Price Range: $5001 - $10000

Colour: Black

Price: USD 8000 / AED 29360